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Floating Paint On Water

Floating ink or paint on water has been documented in Japan as early as 986 CE and marbled papers became wildly popular in the 17th and 18th centuries throughout Europe and the Middle East.

It is an art form made of recipes and secrets that have been passed through many generations and apprenticeships. Due to the protective nature that many Marblers have had about their process, it has not been well documented throughout history and today it is considered an endangered art form.

About Brittany 


Brittany is an artist and paper marbler living in New Orleans, LA since 2013.  Her career in marbling began after a trip to Florence, Italy where she discovered tiny shops filled with vibrant books covered in intricately painted papers.  Her studies in marbling are both traditional and contemporary, often blending different techniques together. She finds joy in experimentation in art and is drawn to the unrepeatable nature of marbling as well as its connection to water and organic movement.  Brittany aspires to share the art of marbling with others and to keep its traditions alive with her colorful papers and paintings.  

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